MFT Creative Chat – My Stamp Space and Favorite Tools

Hello!  Welcome to this month’s My Favorite Things Design Team Creative Chat.  Today we are sharing our work spaces and favorite tools! 

Here we go! 

I cleaned. :)

This is what my table USUALLY looks like.  Just keeping it real.  :)

Back to the CLEAN version, here’s a little tour of my space and favorite tools.

My absolute favorite “tool” in my stamp room would have to be my Copics.  I can’t imagine being without them.  I really like the color cubbies others have, but when I searched online, it seemed they were no longer available.  So my hubby made some for me.  :)  

To the left of my markers is a small vertical file holder in which I keep my Copic color chart and pub calls/deadlines. 

I love my Scor-Pal, keeping it front and center.  Aside from the obvious use of perfect scoring, the grid on the mat is great for aligning things on my projects.   (You know I don’t like crooked parts.  😉 )   I stamp on a mouse pad that is normally to the right of my Scor-Pal.  Once my images are stamped, I color on the Scor-Pal mat. 

Along with my Scor-Pal, one of my favorite tools is a bone folder given to me by Jody.  I don’t know where she got it or who makes it, but I love it.  

Another MUST have (kept above my Scor-Pal) is Tombow’s Mono Multi adhesive.  “Once it’s glued, it doesn’t move!”  And THAT’s the truth.

Another of my ‘must have’ tools is Stampin’ Up’s paper-piercing mat pack.  I use it for piercing but more often for aligning brads, dots, etc.  Standing beside my mat pack is my adhesive remover, otherwise known to my children as That Boogery Thing.  I need my tape too, regular and temporary.

Another of my favorite tools is this pair of Fiskars ribbon scissors.    My kids know they do NOT touch these scissors for ANY reason, ever.  EVER.  (Said with a smile.)  :)   I tried to find an online link but it looks like they may no longer be available.  At any rate, I highly recommend a DEDICATED ribbon scissor. 

Next on my handy-dandy tool list comes this Tim Holtz clear acrylic ruler.  I mostly use the “centering” side (with the zero in the middle).  It’s fabulous for centering objects, panels, sentiments, anything really. 

Another of my favorites is this Making Memories’ organization bin. (I bought it for myself last year for Christmas.)  It spins which allows easy access to all areas.  It holds my scissors, my most used color pencils, kraft knife, foam boosters, Stamp-a-ma-jig, small tools (like tweezers and small pliers), the remotes for my iPod docking station and fan…and more.  In the bigger center portion I keep my longer and wider acrylic blocks. M my most used blocks are kept beside my paper cutter (in front of the wipes, which I use to clean my stamps).

On the right corner of my table I have two baskets which hold my “newest” 6×6 and 8×8 paper pads.  I find that if I don’t have them right in front of me, I forget they’re there.

On the floor, under the window next to my stamp table is my very old sewing machine.  Yes, I plop down there to stitch.  It’s not the best set-up but it’s what I do.

The last thing I could NOT do without (even though it isn’t stamping related), is my iPod/docking station.  Without it, I’d go nuts.

Of course I have other tools and things I love, but these are the highlights.  :)  If you’d like to see the creative spaces of more design team members, check out Kim’s blog HERE.  You might also read about a new design team member!  (yay!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 1 of MFT’s December previews!  See you then!

16 responses to “MFT Creative Chat – My Stamp Space and Favorite Tools

  1. Oh I LOVE how you keep it real Michele! haha! Your space looks fantastic and I adore those little baskets!

  2. I love your space, Michele! Love the “keeping it real” pic! LOL! Thanks for letting us see your stamp space!

  3. Ditto what Karen said about your keeping it real photo! I think all our desks look like that hehe.

  4. It is so funny how we all have such similar, yet different spaces!! Awesome!!

  5. How very fun to see where you create all of your beautiful stuff. Most of your favorite tools are mine, too. We live in such a small home that I use half of our living room for my craft area. I really like your cubbies for your Copics. I bought a unit a few years ago with 9 cubbies in it and I think I need to rearrange my Copics in it. My “E” cubbie is getting quite stuffed (it also has all of the “C’s”, “T’s”, and “W’s”).

  6. love it, Michele! how great that your DH made your copic cubbies AND I love the dedicated ribbon only scissors…..mine are a fave, too. you make 3 that talked about a centering ruler….think I need to get one of those.

  7. glad you kept it real…cause that’s exactly how my desk always looks too

  8. Lisa, what a fantastic space!!! Love your color cubbies and spinning organizer!

  9. My husband just finished my studio (doesn’t that sound way fancier than craft room?) and I realized when I started loading everything into it, it didn’t all fit. I am in the process now of going through totes and bins and boxes and drawers to scale down my supplies. So….that means I can’t take any pictures until that’s done (or at least show them, until I have a final neat looking room!) When I first set up my desk it looked like your “neat pic” then I started working. My husband came in and said what happened? Where are you going to work? I have to be completely surrounded by everything I need at the moment just like you. Then sometimes I clean it up when I am done 😉

  10. What an awesome area Michele!!!

  11. LOVE that you put the “normal” picture!!! What a great space

  12. Beautiful Michele!! And I can’t thank you enough for the “keeping it real” picture!! LOL! Whenever I oogle over other artist’s crafty spaces (and they are always photographed nice and neat of course) I always feel so messy!! HA! It’s amazing how fast it goes from neat to messy! But your space is BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Crafty Hugs!

  13. I love everything you have. I guess you’re good worker. It look like you are creative and passionate on your hobby. You are very remarkable and i adore you especially when i saw the featured tools. So great indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  14. LOVE your stamp space Michele! I only use Tombow Multi too!!! FAB organization and I LOVE the marker storage your hubby built for you!!!

  15. What a fantastic space!! I love your copic storage your hubby made for you – it looks fantastic! I am wondering though… why do you stamp on a mouse pad? Does the foam-ness have a strategic purpose or is it just your version of “scrap paper”? Thanks!

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