almost perfect (stamping bella)

Today I tried something new. It is most certainly *not* almost perfect. But I am learning.  I love the new Danielle Donaldson stamps from Stamping Bella. I so want to use them but I don’t know what to do with them. It’s a completely new style for me. SO… for today, I pretty much tried to mimic some of the watercolor style I found online. I left white around the image as recommended in Danielle’s (amazing) book, “creativeGIRL: Mixed Media Techniques for an Artful Life.” And I copied Danielle’s white dots (using Copic’s Opaque White and a toothpick). Maybe if I try to replicate other people’s ideas, I will eventually have one of my own. That is my hope. For now, I give complete credit to Danielle.

Stamping Bella Almoststella

After watercoloring, I wanted to add some flower stems for these adorable new Pom Flowers from Queen & Co.  A couple of my Copic Multiliners were running low on ink so I took this opportunity to replace the cartridges. It was super easy.

Replacing Copic Mutiliner Ink Cartridges

As described on the Copic website, the A and B refills contain different ink viscosity to aid ink flow, depending on the nib size, so it’s important to choose the correct one.

Replacing Copic Mutiliner Ink Cartridges Step 1

After removing the cartridge from the package, simply remove the clear cap.

Replacing Copic Mutiliner Ink Cartridges Step 2

Then remove and toss the empty cartridge from the pen barrel. (Sometimes a coin helps to remove it.  I was able to use just my fingers.)

Replacing Copic Mutiliner Ink Cartridges Step 3

Simply pop in the new ink cartridge. Done! So easy! And no mess!

Stamping Bella Almoststella

Once I drew in the stems, I glued my flowers atop.

Thanks so much for visiting today!

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